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Welcome to Riversedge Doxies 

Riversedge Doxies is a very small kennel, all of my dachshunds live inside and are treated like members the family.  Our yard is fenced in so they are protected and they get all the love they need on a daily basis.  

Puppies are available once or twice a year, so there will be a limited amount for adoption.  My puppies will be adopted as pets only. In order for anyone to adopt with full AKC privileges I must know you very well.

Please come in and look around.  If you have any questions or would like more information please call me 843-330-5834 or email riversedgedoxies@gmail.com.  I will answer all your questions and concerns.  I find it more comfortable and informative to have a conversation with you and get to know you while we talk about adopting one of my pups.

My first concern with the pups is temperament and disposition and knowing how they will fit in with you and your family.

                                                            Thanks for your interest

                                                        Ree Reid-Riversedge Doxies

The pretty girls of Riversedge Doxies

BeBe-Ruby and Relly !

About Me

I was born in New Jersey where I lived until I was married at the young age of 21.    I have three very handsome Sons and four beautiful Grandchildren.  I love my family, my dachshunds and my nature photography.  Please visit my photography page to see all the wonders of nature.

Before settling in South Carolina, I lived in Delaware where my first Son was born and Japan where my second two Sons were born.  In 1976 I came to the Grand Strand area, as a military wife, when my youngest son was just a year old.  I love the beach, and have lived my life never far from it.

I work full time for a CPA firm in Myrtle Beach.  I started working for my current employer back in 1979 .

In 1997, I found my first dachshund in a local pet store, his name was Boomer.  Dachshunds are a cute, comical, quirky breed that you can fall in love with immediately.  They are also like potato chips, for most people anyway, you just can’t have one.  Boomer and three other of my dachshunds, Maggie, Binne and Beau have already crossed the rainbow bridge but not without living a long, full life.  I still have my first stud, Tiny, who just turned 16 on June 3rd and he is still going strong.

Watch for my upcoming litters, there will surely be some amazing little pups……